Job Board Setup

NOTE: Go to Job Board, look for Job Board Template, hit MA Duplicator, the edit.

  • Step 1: Change  Page title so it changes the permalink
  • Step 2: Fill out job title, Requirements, Duties, Education, Etc
  • Step 3: In “Slug” dropdown, change title to current title
  • Step 4: If page goes to an outsourced job section, go to tab “Page links to” below and change what URL this page goes to when clicked
  • Step 5: Change Job category on right from “Draft” to “Published.”
  • Step 6: On the right hand tab under “Publish,” change the date to whatever the job posting date is. If It is current day than leave as is.
  • Step 7: In Elementor for the careers page: When inserting job categories, select “Published” Only


*Applicants will be in the “Applicants” tab on the left

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