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Axiom Consultants, Inc (Axiom) is seeking to fill a position to provide program management support in the area of web development, communication, and technical writing to the Office of Science and Technology Integration (OSTI) for the NOAA National Weather Service (NWS).  The candidate shall support the OSTI modeling division director, program managers, and team leads to carry out programmatic activities for necessary efforts related to the modeling of numerical weather prediction.


The candidate will be responsible for maintaining websites associated with the OSTI modeling program office, the Unified Forecast System (UFS), and other related projects including developing technical and scientific content related to weather and climate modeling. In addition, the candidate is expected to contribute to the development of strategic plans, mission statements, presentations, and programs/projects related brochures and materials for programmatic distribution or public outreach. In particular, the candidate will:

  • Serve as a member of the UFS communication and outreach working group
  • Maintain the UFS community page ( by developing and posting content related to the UFS community and upgrade this website as needed
  • Maintain program related websites hosted in the NOAA Virtual lab (Vlab), such as the UFS-R2O (
  • Support migrating the STI modeling website to the NOAA Vlab framework
  • Contribute to the development of OSTI modeling programmatic documents and brochures
  • As needed, prepare briefings, reporting, training, and general information materials.


The candidate is expected to have at least 5+ years of work experience in the areas of web development and technical writing preferably related to weather and climate modeling or similar science and technical content development. In particular the candidate is expected to be proficient in HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), JavaScript, WordPress and PHP. Background and knowledge with building and configuring NOAA Vlab communities is plus. Experience in programmatic services related to NOAA line offices In the area of numerical weather prediction and modeling would be strongly desired. Must have demonstrated experience working with senior level executives and possess effective oral and written communication skills.


BS/BA Degree preferred.

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